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BI Dashboard

An iPad application displaying business intelligence dashboard for an insurance giant. The app provides a dashboard for analytics designed for Property & Casualty (P/C) insurance professionals. The App provides an information dashboard for the top executives/decision makers of the client organization. 

The Problem

The client need was to have the Business Intelligence data in their backend servers available for iPads. The executives would be able to get a personalized view of the data and create their own private and public dashboards. The support for offline mode was also critical as they wanted the decision makers to have access to the data even while not connected to the servers.

The Solution

The application developed by Synechron was natively build for iOS. It enabled users to interact with dashboards and reports by slicing and filtering through various business dimensions; distribute the content through email or PDF; and quickly access commonly used dashboards and reports by making them favorites in an intuitive ribbon based user interface.  Technologies used included iPhone OS 4.1, Objective C, and X-Code.


  • Wireframing and Designs
  • iPad App for a personalized view of dashboards
  • Offline mode support

Project Highlights

  • An iPad app displaying Interactive BI Dashboard
  • For P&C Insurance professionals
  • Natively built for iOS
  • Personalized dashboards and reports
  • Offline mode support
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