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STOCK Analyzer

Stock Analyzer is a great stock portfolio tracking solution. A financial mobile application, it offers an in-depth stock portfolio analysis and alerts that help the user spot trouble and opportunities and act ahead of market shifts. It is meant to be used by investors or businessmen who want to analyze stocks and commodity prices on their mobile devices.

The Problem

The basic requirement of this app was to provide thorough analysis of added stocks and options to users, which will help them in their decision for future investments. It should allow users to perform various tasks such as add and remove stocks from their portfolio, get historical stocks data, etc.

The Solution

The financial app developed by Synechron enabled users to analyze their stocks and options. It featured a 'My Stocks' tab that contained all the stocks in the user's portfolio. The app enabled users to access the latest financial news using RSS feeds. It also allowed them to plot graphs, get data for a new company, and set values to display the top and bottom values with respect to current stock values. Technologies used included Android, Java, and Eclipse.


  • In depth analysis of stocks and options
  • Visualize stock, portfolio and aggregate P&L and value across in numeric and charted representations.
  • News from any RSS-compatible news source.
  • Performance analysis charted against customizable market indices. 

Project Highlights

  • An app for managing & tracking stocks
  • Analyze stocks and options
  • Advanced portfolio management
  • Access latest financial news via RSS feeds
  • High-end tools and functionalities
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