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Student Information on the go

An enterprise application for a leading college in Abu Dhabi. This mobile application is meant to be used by college students to get a host of information and data about their college term. It serves the students well, in terms of scheduling classes, keeping track of assignments, tracking grades and staying on top of other university notifications and events through real time updates and a host of other impressive features.

The Problem

One of the challenges was to stream data from a central server with the goal to make the most updated information available to students. The client also wanted the application to have an intuitive and lively user interface, something that would be liked and appreciated by college students.

The Solution

Synechron developed the application based on SOA architecture. The application interacts directly with the central database, thereby eliminating the need for a redundant database. The most updated details for students are available on the device. We also developed a unique authentication mechanism for students while logging in to the mobile app. This greatly reduced the risk of data being hacked and ensured secure environment for the application.Technologies used included Android, Java, and Eclipse.


  • 24x7 real time data update for students
  • Online data availability to a larger set of students 

Project Highlights

  • An enterprise app for college students
  • Developed on SOA architecture
  • An intuitive and lively user interface
  • 24x7 real time data update for students
  • Enhanced security features
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